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We put together new health & safety procedures to keep everyone safe on reopening 


Will have their temperatures taken daily and recorded 

Wear full PPE at work - masks, shields, aprons and the clients can decide if they would like to wear gloves or not 

We wash our hands 3-4 times per treatment including before and after if not wearing gloves 

Have designated time between clients to change the bed and disinfect anything that has been touched such as products, door handles, the sink etc...with hospital grade disinfectant 


The wait space will have no more than 2 clients in at any one time and there is space to social distance 

The space will be disinfected between clients with hospital grade disinfectant 

If you would like to come to buy products you may have to wait until the clients have gone into their treatment rooms 


We will ask you to wash your hands on arrival 

We will take your temperature on arrival 

We will ask you to sign a disclaimer that states that you have no had symptoms not been in contact with anyone with symptoms for the past 10 days 

We will not be serving drinks so we encourage you to bring your own 

We are asking you to book yourself in via the booking system so we can automatically take payment after the treatment. 

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