NINI Organics Crimson Beauty Face Serum

NINI Organics Crimson Beauty Face Serum


Crimson Beauty is our first serum which contains 3 powerful hydrosols - Rose Otta, Cucumber & Neroli. There is no aqua added and is completely hydrosol based, this makes Crimson Beauty unique and gives it its magical moisture boosting properties. As well as containing Hibiscus flower extract which feeds the skin with enzymes and vitamin C. Hyaluronic Acid is your humectant alongside glycerine that helps draw moisture to your complexion. As well as two green biotech ingredients that are patented in their technology and performance. One being Arabian Cotton which is your UV protector from Bluelight caused by devices, as well as being incredible for acne prone skin. The second being, Quora Noni, which is a skin microbiome balancing ingredient, which interacts with your skins flora to help keep it balanced and healthy. With natural aroma from cacao and vanilla, Crimson Beauty does not contain any known allergens and is hypoallergenic. 

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