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re:lax was founded by Katie White, Facialist and Nutritionist (Dip NT, mBANT)

"Our skin is a reflection of what is happening inside our body" –  re:lax was born to create accessible, affordable, practical and safe solutions to ongoing skin concerns. To identify the root cause of the issue and resolve it by working from the inside out.



Problem skin often has the worst time with harsh, chemical-filled products promising to give you clear, happy skin or doctors that can only offer you the pill, antibiotics or an acid solution topical cream but none of these "solutions" explain why your skin issues exist and how to stop them. This often results in the problems returning and evolving. 


As a skincare specialist, I believe that everyone should have the tools and knowledge to understand what is happening with their skin, their bodies, and how to achieve optimal health both inside and out.



I offer a three pronged approach to skincare using nutritional therapy, bespoke facials and holistic lifestyle advice -
I offer this from my studio on Hackney Road, The Light Centre, Monument and The Refinery E9, Collent Street, London, E9 6SG. 

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