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Why we use high frequency in our facials

October 16, 2019


High Frequency is a safe, non-invasive skin rejuvenating electrical tool used during facial treatments to treat multiple skin concerns, including:


- Acne

- Oily skin

- Enlarged pores

- Redness

- Fine lines

- Wrinkles

- Dull skin

- Puffiness

- Dark under-eyes 


The high frequency machine has a glass electrode that produces argon gas and emits a small electrical current (which glows and makes a buzzing sound). When it is applied to the face, a layer of oxygen is produced killing bacteria that causes acne, as well as having an overall calming and healing effect.


It is also know for its anti-aging benefits. The machine warms up the skin, increasing blood circulation and bringing nutrient-rich blood to the surface, as well as promoting collagen and elastin formation. The movement of the wand aids lymphatic drainage, which is great for combating puffiness.


Skin is brighter after one treatment but with regular use, results become more and more noticeable. This tool is a great addition to our bespoke facials helping to create happy, healthy and brighter skin. 

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