Winter skincare

Have you noticed any changes in you skin since the weather has become colder? The drop in temperature, change in humidity and central heating can change how our skin looks and feels. Just like how we start wearing more clothing layers, it’s time to do that with our skincare too!

Opt for richer cleansers, such as oil cleansers and balms. For more oily skin types try the Oilixia Gummy Cleanser that turns from a gum to a milk once you add water to it. It will give you a deep cleanse without stripping any of our skins essential oils and water.

After cleansing add a hydrating essence, such as Skin and Tonic's Rose Mist, or hydrating serum with ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid - we use Mad Hippie's Vitamin C serum - which will attract water to the skin and help keep your skin from getting dehydrated.

Think about adding in a richer oil and moisturiser into your routine. We love the Haeckles Eco Marine Cream for winter, which you can layer on top of an oil or serum.

And last but not least don’t forget your SPF - yes, even in winter UV can penetrate clouds!

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