How to deal with lockdown 2.0 skin

Lockdown skin, it's a thing! I was expecting the best skin ever during the first lockdown, but somehow that didn't quite happen. Did you notice changes in your skin during lockdown, such as sensitivity, dullness, dryness, or more breakouts than usual? Me too!

We have all been making the best with our time at home, whether that's binge watching our favourite TV series, enjoying a nice glass of wine with our meals to get that restaurant feel or even boogying to the best disco tunes reminiscing about Glasto. Guilty!

These are all things we have introduced to our day-to-day slightly more frequently than before, causing perhaps an unbalance to our routines. We are creatures of habits and sudden modifications along with other switches such as higher levels of stress, sleep and diet can forcefully impact our hormonal balance leading the skin to freak out.

Here we will discuss why these things may have happened and how to avoid them this time around!

1) Stress

Stress is undeniably a skin enemy as it causes our body to stimulate the stress hormone cortisol. Cortisol can wreak havoc on our skin by stimulating our oil glands to produce more oil, resulting in congestion and breakouts, it can also cause inflammation leading to flare ups of psoriasis and eczema. Although so many stressors can seem out of our control we must try to minimise stress where possible. We encourage you to make time for self care and support your body to reduce those cortisol levels. Think long evening baths with essential oils, daily walks in nature and self massage routines. Also supplementing can really help to support our bodies through this time. Try the Terra Nova Magnesium 100mg - magnesium really helps to reduce stress and anxiety. Chronic stress can deplete our bodies of this mineral so it is important we get enough during these times.

Also have a look at our previous blog on how stress effects the skin and how to support it here 2) Sleep - Now that we are out of our normal work routines, especially for those of us who are WFH (living at the office), it's easy for our sleep patterns to get out of sync.

Getting to bed early and getting consistent good nights sleep does wonders for our skin. Skin cell growth and repair happens at night, that's why we can notice the effects of lack of sleep on our skin - it's not getting a chance to repair and regenerate. Inadequate sleep can also cause the body to release more of the stress hormone, cortisol, resulting in inflammation.

Try and get a good sleep routine going, getting into bed early and reading, popping some lavender on your pillow and setting an alarm for the same time each day can help. Struggling to sleep the night through? Try the Mari Pharm CBD oil - CBD helps calm the central nervous system resulting in a more restful nights sleep.

3) Skincare Routine - just because we are sitting at home, perhaps feeling like we are on staycation, it doesn't mean we can skip our skincare routines.

Our skin is still getting a buildup of dirt, pollution and dust that needs to come off at the end of the day. We also need to be making sure we are hydrating our skin more as we spend more time indoors, especially at this time of year when the heating is on which can be dehydrating for the skin. Dehydration can lead to breakouts, irritation and dry and dull skin. To make sure we aren't stripping too much essential moisture out of our skin, opt for a gentle hydrating cleanser like the Oilixia Gummy cleanser - suitable for all skin types, even those who are acne prone due to its antibacterial properties.

To get an extra layer of hydration into your skin, try a water based hydrating serum under your moisturiser to target the deeper layers of the skin. Making sure that our skin is properly hydrated will also help keep breakouts at bay. The more dehydrated our skin is the more it will produce excess oil to make up for this, leading to more congestion and breakouts.

Our favourite hydrating serum is the Nini Organics Crimson Beauty Serum - super lightweight hydration without clogging the pores, it also is full of anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients to keep skin calm. Suitable for all skin types, even acne prone due to its inclusion of a little bit of salicylic acid which decongests pores.

To brighten up a dull complexion get some vitamin C in your routine. Vitamin C is an amazing antioxidant that can neutralise free radicals caused by stress and pollution. It also brightens and smoothes the skin whilst causing the stimulation of collagen and elastin.

We love this super nourishing and hydrating Mad Hippie Triple C Night Cream.

Lockdown has given us some extra time on our hands and while that has given us the opportunity to up our skincare game, we need to be careful not to over do it.

Here are some skin things to try an avoid in order to protect our skin:

- Be careful not to over exfoliate, this will cause the skin to become irritated and dehydrated leading to more skin problems. Keep exfoliating to a minimum and make sure your routine is gentle, hydrating and consistent. - Try not to touch or pick at the skin, now we have all this free time it is very tempting to look in mirror and start poking and prodding, but try and hold back!

- Remember to wear your SPF, even when indoors as those pesky UVA rays are still penetrating through the windows.

4) Sun - As we are going into winter and spending more time indoors (even more than a usual winter!) we will not be getting enough vitamin D. Vitamin D deficiency has been linked to inflammatory skin conditions such as psoriasis and dermatitis, so it could also be causing a flare up of pre existing conditions.

Vitamin D is an immunity booster and will help keep inflammatory skin conditions calm such as rosacea or eczema. Try and get our for a walk once a day in the daylight (be sure to wear your SPF, we still take in vitamin D through our hands and eyes).

Now would be a good time to start implementing vitamin D supplements into your routine. These ones from Terranova are our favourites.

5) Diet and supplements - Who's been enjoying a bit of wine more that usual, or opting for one too many takeaways? Me too! As we all know the healthier we eat the happier our skin will be. But sometimes our emotional and mental health just needs that brownie or glass of red. So to support our bodies during this time its a good idea to take a high quality multivitamin such as the Terranova Living Multi-Nutrient complex to make sure we aren't missing any vital nutrients.

6) Facial massage and Gua Sha

As salons have closed for periods of time across the country, there has been a rise in the demand for at home beauty tools and treatment. For dull, dry and breakout prone skin some self massage or a Gua Sha routine can really help to decongest and bring the skin back to life. By helping the lymphatic system drain away stagnant toxins and bringing fresh blood and nutrients to the skin, you can give your skin that healthy glow whilst also tackling breakouts and congestion. Why not try one of our online Gua Sha or massage tutorials and follow along at home? Learn more.

I hope these tips keep you glowing all lockdown long and we can't wait to see you when we are open again,

Love Anna and the re:lax team xx

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