Liver Support and Skin Health

Did you know that the skin and the liver are both detoxification organs helping to rid our bodies of the day to day toxins we are exposed to? And if our Liver is being subjected to too many toxins this can have a negative effect on our skin?

Along with filtering and eliminating toxins; whether from alcohol, food or pollution, our liver is one of the key organs involved in keeping our skin healthy. Any toxins that you eat, drink, absorb through your skin, or breathe in through your lungs has to be filtered out by your liver. Too many toxins (toxin overload) leaves the liver unable to effectively carry out tasks such as eliminating used hormones, leading to an excess of certain types of hormones that can cause skin issues like acne.

Also when the liver is congested and unable to break down toxins, our bodies make every effort to purge these toxins through other ways, such as via our skin and which can cause inflammation showing up as eczema, psoriasis, acne, rosacea and rashes. If we want to have fewer breakouts, less inflammation and healthier more glowing skin we need to start by improving our liver health.

In many ways, the skin is a reflection of how effectively the livers detoxific

ation process is working.

Where do these toxins come from? We come into contact with thousands of toxins every day that our liver has to deal with including - -pollution in the air we breathe -pesticides on our food -microscopic plastics from food containers -chemicals in cleaning products -chemicals in skincare and makeup -chemicals in our drinking water -additives and preservatives in our food -dust, bacteria and mould in our household air -chemicals in home such as paint and fire-retardants on our furniture -alcohol -cigarette smoke -medications Over time these toxins build up and our liver is no longer effective at completely ridding our bodies of these chemicals.

How to reduce toxins and support liver health To support our liver and in turn promote healthy skin we must remove as many toxins as we can from our day to day lives, as well as eating a diet and living a lifestyle that supports our liver and our bodies detoxification process.

You can promote clear skin by both maximising your detoxification function and minimising your exposure to toxins. Foods that support the liver include

- Protein - eating high-quality organic (where possible) protein with each meal is very important for liver health. The liver uses the amino acids in proteins to help rid toxins from the body. Think Eggs, Chicken, Nuts, Pulses and Legumes, Seafood - Crucifers - a diverse group of vegetables that include cabbage, kale, rocket, pack choi, spring greens. They help the liver deal with used hormones more efficiently.

- Berries such as strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and blackcurrants are rich in antioxidants helping to fight free-radical damage caused by the break down of toxins.

- Garlic whic contains compounds that stick to toxins helping to eliminate them from the body other liver supporting foods include -beetroot -green tea -lemons -turmeric -healthy fats like coconut oil, flaxseed oil, extra virgin olive oil -basil -corriander -black pepper -drink plenty of water As well as introducing liver supporting foods we must it is advisable to reduce our daily toxic load by:

- avoiding processed food and switching to fresh organic food - stopping smoking, - reducing alcohol intake, - reducing sugar intake, - reduce caffeine intake - reducing refined carbohydrates in diet - switching to organic foods where possible, especially fruits, vegetables and meat - Avoid using synthetic beauty and cleaning products, switch to natural. - stop using cling film, plastic water bottles and food containers, switch to glass or stainless steel. - avoid heavily polluted roads and get out into nature as much as possible - drink filtered tap water - fill the home with plants that help purify the air - buy secondhand furniture where chemicals such as fire retardants have significantly reduced

As well as all of the above, there are a few lifestyle adjustments you can make that have positive effects on the liver: - exercise regularly - get enough sleep - reduce stress levels - get out into nature - meditate - eat food in a calm environment and take time chewing and digesting Making some small changes in our day to day lives, to reduce the toxic load and pressure on our liver can result in big positive changes on our skin. Remember that the skin is a reflection of what is going on inside and to take care of it, we must take care of ourselves.

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