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re:lax is the award-winning destination for facials in East London. 


Our non-invasive, results-driven skin care treatments have been listed among the best facials in London by Harper’s Bazaar and Country & House, and have featured in Vogue, The Sunday Times Style, and the Evening Standard.


We use a combination of natural skin care products, innovative facial techniques, and lifestyle adjustments to address the root cause of your skin complaint and achieve long-lasting results.



At re:lax, our mission is to help you achieve happy, healthy skin. 


Our skin is as unique to us as our fingerprints. That’s why we tailor our facial treatments to each individual client, and use only the best natural skin care products. 


After a brief consultation to find out about you and your skin, your therapist will develop a bespoke treatment that will leave your skin happy and glowing. 


We’re qualified to use a huge variety of techniques and methods, including:


  • Facial massage 

  • Gua Sha

  • Buccal massage

  • Facial cupping

  • LED light therapy

  • High frequency

  • Cosmetic acupuncture

  • Microneedling

See our video about re:lax >

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Katie is a nutritional therapist (mBANT), holistic therapist, and facialist (BABTAC) based in Hackney. 


In 2016, while working for a premium skin care brand, Katie started to experience her own skin troubles, and was left disappointed by the existing solutions on offer - they were expensive, impersonal, and often used a concerning cocktail of antibiotics, contraceptive pills, and harsh topical treatments. 


Inspired to create something better for people like her, Katie retrained as a nutritionist and holistic therapist. She founded re:lax to offer a unique three-pronged approach to skin care, combining natural high-performance products, nutritional therapy, and lifestyle advice.


In 2019, she founded Skin School to teach her method to anyone wanting to learn the art of facials. 

"Really relaxing facial and my skin is still glowing 5 days later! Katie was lovely and provided lots of helpful advice around nutrition and recommendations for skincare.She also sent a helpful follow up email with all the details. I would definitely recommend!!"

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April is one of our senior facialists and has years of experience in the wellness sector. She’s qualified to offer all our facials and advanced treatments, and specialises in electrical facials, acupressure, lymphatic drainage, and anti-ageing techniques. April also has a background in Ayurvedic medicine, which she uses to help her clients reboot and achieve a sense of balance.

esme kirk.jpg

Esme is one of the longest serving members of the re:lax team. After leaving the world of theatre dressing, she began working for re:lax on reception and is now our Studio Manager, a senior therapist, and a massage therapist. She’s qualified to offer our full treatment menu of facials and advanced facials, including facial massage, gua sha, intra oral massage, facial cupping, and microneedling. She’s also qualified in body massage, pregnancy massage, and deep tissue. A native Londoner, Esme loves helping out clients decompress from the stresses of city living.

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Polly is a senior therapist with an extensive knowledge on all of our holistic facials, specialising in acneHer own skin problems were deeply rooted in stress, & so she has a deep understanding of treating acne prone skin holistically after spending years healing her own & is so passionate about sharing her findings with others struggling with their skin.You can expect to completely unwind as she spends time working on releasing tension and calming the nervous system with lots of massage, lymphatic drainage and gua sha. Expect to feel so relaxed you fall asleep.

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Darcy is one of our senior facialists. She offers all facials and advanced facials, including gua sha, facial massage, microneedling, and cosmetic acupuncture. She loves combining traditional beauty practices with modern techniques, and brings experience from Chinese medicine through her training in Qigong - the practice of cultivating vital life-force through breathing, postures, meditation, and movement.


Having worked in the industry for more than 20 years - including as Jo Malone’s first facialist, and nine years with Liz Earle - Emma is one of our most experienced senior therapists. She offers all our facials, advanced facials, and full body massage. 


Sheniz is an experienced all-round therapist with more than 10 years working in busy London salons. After having her daughter five years ago, Sheniz found herself drawn towards holistic therapies, which eventually led her to re:lax. While she loves all our facials, she’s especially fond of the New Mum Facial, as she knows all too well how hard it can be to find time to unwind. Sheniz is also our in-house waxer, and can cater to all your hair removal needs.


Kate is a graduate of the re:lax Skin School. She’s qualified to offer all our facials, including the bespoke facial, the new mum facial, the pregnancy facial, the mens facial, and gua sha (her favourite treatment to perform). She has a passion for non-invasive, natural skin care, and is a strong believer in the mind-body skin connection. Kate is also a personal trainer and a dance teacher.


Leonie is a graduate of the re:lax Skin School. She’s qualified to offer all our facials, including our bespoke facial, new mum's facial, pregnancy facial, men's facial, LED and gua sha. Having experienced some of her own skin issues, Leonie is passionate about making people feel happy and confident in their own skin.


Ruth works front of house in the Wait Space. As well as a passion for skin care, she loves social media and PR, and uses her skills to support re:lax across our social channels and newsletter. 

Leah works front of house in the Wait Space, and loves to make all our clients feel welcome before their treatments. During lockdown, she decided to leave her high level job at a premium flower company and retrain as a facialist. She’s currently studying for her Level 3 facial electrics and has completed her Level 2 facials and body massage treatments 

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